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Proactive Threat Hunting with Generative AI

Use case

SOCs today must take an assume-breach position as attackers need just one attack pathway to circumvent defenses. Threat Hunting as the countermeasure to identify the unknowns is an extremely complex task. Converting distributed and abstracted Threat Intel into hypotheses and detections is not straight-forward. Understanding the Enterprise Environment and hunting across heterogenous SOC tools is also onerous. An additional challenge for a SOC is that it is short staffed for this operation. A single hunt can take days from hypothesis to report generation. In the face of a changing Enterprise environment with new attack paths emerging constantly, there is the need for a novel way to reduce Mean Time to Identify, and Mean Time to Contain, comprehensively.

What we do

System Two Security delivers generative AI-powered threat hunting and auto-investigation for enterprise SOCs and managed security service providers. The product hunts new attacks and adversaries by using its novel, custom fine-tuned language agents to profile, detect, and contain new threats. The technology applies the latest advancements in generative AI for abstracting threat hunting as generative graph traversals and unleashing the reasoning abilities of LLMs against emerging threat patterns.

Who we are

Innovators. Cybersecurity and Gen AI experts

Backed by VCs and cybersecurity executives, System Two Security is at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution in transforming the SOC to reduce MTTI and MTTC for data breaches.

System Two Security is based in Palo Alto, CA and funded by The Hive

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