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Get Started


Your starting point to speed up your Threat Hunting

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Start your day by navigating to 'Hunt of the Day' recommendation

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Explore SIGMA 

Explore SIGMA files from 'Hunt of the Day' to hunt Threat Actor behavior

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Process CTI Reports

Process your own 'CTI Reports' by creating a repository

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New Repository

Start by navigating to 'New Repository'

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Create Repository

Organize based on Intel Sources, Threat Actors or Hypothesis

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Link your 'CTI Report' to build detection rules in minutes

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Add Feedly Stream

Pull multiple 'CTI Reports' from a Feedly board

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Generate SIGMA

Let the engine do its magic

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View Insights

Explore 'Threat Actor' Artifacts and behaviors detailed in the 'CTI Report'

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Research Threat Actor behavior from specific 'CTI Reports' or from System Two's Generative Threat Graph

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Add users and collaborate

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