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Principal Data Scientist


Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

The Principal Data Scientist will innovate in cybersecurity using Generative AI to enhance SOC operations. This role uniquely blends AI expertise with a passion for cybersecurity, focusing on transforming advanced AI research into practical cybersecurity solutions. It offers a significant opportunity for professional growth at the forefront of AI in the dynamic field of cybersecurity.



  • AI-Driven Cybersecurity: Develop/Leverage/Fine-tune generative AI models for threat simulation and prediction.

  • Threat Detection: Use AI for emerging threat identification and pattern analysis.

  • SOC Innovation: Integrate AI tools to automate threat detection and response.

  • Team Collaboration: Partner with cybersecurity teams to tailor AI solutions.

  • Data Management: Handle cybersecurity data, informing AI model development.

  • Industry Awareness: Keep updated with AI and cybersecurity advancements.

  • Effective Communication: Convey AI concepts within the cybersecurity context

About You

  • AI and Cybersecurity Expertise: A strong foundation in artificial intelligence, with a specific focus on generative models, and a passion for exploring cybersecurity applications.

  • Analytical Skills: Demonstrated ability to tackle complex cybersecurity issues through analytical problem-solving.

  • Leadership and Teamwork: A track record of successful project leadership, showcasing effective collaboration and team-building capabilities.

  • Communication Skills: Competence in articulating technical concepts clearly and effectively to a diverse range of audiences.

  • Educational and Professional Background: An advanced degree in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, AI, or a related field, complemented by 5+ of relevant experience.

  • SOC Familiarity: Knowledge of Security Operations Center (SOC) operations and tools, underlining a practical understanding of real-world cybersecurity defense mechanisms.

  • Technical Proficiency in AWS: Experience with AWS services, including but not limited to SageMaker, EMR, S3, DynamoDB, and EC2, indicating a strong grasp of cloud computing environments.

  • Machine Learning Expertise: Hands-on experience with various aspects of machine learning, including deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV), graph neural networks (GNN), and distributed training, showcasing a broad and deep technical skill set.

About the Company

System Two Security delivers generative AI powered threat hunting and auto-investigation for enterprise SOCs and managed security service providers. The product hunts new attacks and adversaries by using its novel custom fine-tuned language agents to profile, detect and contain new threats. The technology applies latest advancements in generative AI from Princeton’s Natural Language Processing Group for abstracting threat hunting as generative graph traversals and unleashing reasoning abilities of LLMs against emerging threat patterns. The company is currently in stealth mode working with its initial cohort of design partners and plans to come out at RSA 2024. It is based in Palo Alto, CA and is venture funded by The Hive.

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