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System Two Security launches Early Access Program

Updated: Apr 24

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System Two Security is excited to announce the launch of the early access program for its product, S2S Insights. S2S Insights will be released at RSA 2024 during May 2024. This marks a major milestone in the development of its generative AI powered proactive threat hunting and auto-investigation for enterprise SOCs & managed security service providers (MSSP). S2S Insights generates ready-to-deploy detection rules (Sigma rules…) for novel attack patterns within minutes from external cyber threat intelligence (CTI) reports delivering a technological paradigm shift in terms of speed and value to Threat Hunting

The early access program is an early product preview rolled out to select enterprises and MSSPs. It takes seconds to sign-up for the EAP with no system integration. The users of our product preview will be quickly able to:

  • Sign up on our cloud-based portal and setup your admin/user accounts

  • Access S2S Insights’ in-built curated corpus of near real-time threat intelligence accessible as actionable detection rules (Sigma rules...) generated from across multiple unstructured sources

  • Bring your own threat research/intel sources and consume them as actionable detection rules and save your precious resources from having to manually research/read them

  • Engage with S2S Insights collaboratively through the S2S Slackbot, where users can chat/reason/take action over new threat actor behaviors

  • S2S Insights can also generate queries customized to your SIEM and XDR systems

System Two Security is pushing the frontiers of large language models (LLMs) with its novel generative threat behavior graph traversals, and applying it to precisely profile, detect and contain new threat behaviors within minutes based on raw unstructured threat intelligence. This displaces weeks of manual threat intel research, development of new detection rules, human-scale threat hunts, dependencies on external vendors for responding to new threats and accelerates consolidation of SOC tools by streamlining detection rules across all cybersecurity data sources.

We are excited to partner with SOCs and MSSPs in our paradigm shift in cybersecurity marking the dawn of a new era in artificial intelligence. 

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